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Thursday Night Launch

We launched our Thursday night gatherings last week. Here's my basic rundown: the room looked very cool. I bought a bunch of floor lamps at Target and killed all the flourescents. So that was cool. Worship was good, message felt pretty good. Downsides: there were only about 15 of us there which was a little bit of a bummer. There was a big CBU event that night so that may have hurt us. During my talk there were two times where a guy raised his hand and asked a question....which isn't completely the format. I guess that could be the format (although I'm not leaning that way), but they were the kind of things that could have waited until after.

I have a meeting today at 4 to talk about how we're going to incorporate a coffee bar each week and turn it into full coffeehouse once a month. That should be cool. My hope is to see 30 students there this week.

Last, but not least, we have the most amazing volunteers involved in college ministry! They're making it fun and much easier for me.


“Thursday Night Launch”