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Midweek At a Glance

Series: Cribs: Making God at Home in Your Life
Message: The Bedroom: Private Life
Game: Average. We've done ice-breaker type questions at the tables the last three weeks. I think it went ok at the tables, but needed a little more up-front energy.
Music: Above Average. Songs: Make a Joyful Noise, Oh Praise Him, Forever, Wonderful Maker, How Great is our God
Message Length: 20 minutes-ish (I think?)
Message Quality: Average.
Videos: Above Average. Did the second Cribs video from the series to close it out. We did our house. It came out a little long since we took so much footage, but students laughed and liked it.
Volunteer Interaction: Average.
Student Response: Average.
Attendance: Above Average.
1st Time Guests: 3-ish


“Midweek At a Glance”