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Midweek at a Glance

Ok, this had been a semi-regular feature that I haven't done in awhile. Now it's back. Here you go.

Series: Cribs: Making God at Home in Your Life
Message: The Kitchen: Family Life
Game: Average-ish. We did some "Would You Rather?" questions at the tables. We have students at tables on Wednesday nights, but don't usually do a very good job of actually connecting them to the people at their tables. This was our attempt and it went pretty well.
Music: Above Average. Songs: My God Reigns (Jon - if you read this...I will not be sad if we don't ever sing this song again), Indescribable, Pour Out my Heart, Be the Center, Nothing but the Blood. Our band was in full-force tonight for the first time in awhile. Here's what we had: Jon - Electric Guitar/Vocals, Robbie - Acoustic Guitar, Vanessa - Bass, Other Robbie - Drums, Brian - Midi Controller (new addition...added a cool vibe), Brittany - Vocals.
Message Length: 20 minutes
Message Quality: Average. I feel a little out of my prep groove....working on it.
Videos: Above Average. We don't do a ton of video, but want to. We had two this week. One is one I made with just words and images from the Crowder song "Come and Listen. We used that as a transition between "Would you Rather" and the 2nd worship set. The second was a Cribs video we shot at Jon's apartment. Turned out good, but the audio and video quality went to crap through MediaShout for some reason. We may go straight DVD next time if I can't figure that out.
Volunteer Interaction: Average? To be honest, I couldn't really tell. Everyone sat with students and seemed to interact.
Student Response: Average.
Attendance: Above Average. Highest since I've been here.
1st Time Guests: 4? I think they all came with one student from Poly.

Overall, we had a good night. We're starting to have a good flow for Midweek. Now we just need to continually work on it and make it better.


“Midweek at a Glance”