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Gentle Correction

We had a city-wide post-See You at the Pole rally tonight called Saw You at the Pole. We were the host and our band was leading worship. There was a slight gap between songs during which one of our students who was singing took the opportunity to express a little school pride. Then the girl singing next to him decided to brag on her school. Then the keyboard player ran up to the mike to brag on his. I was ticked. We were transitioning into a more intimate time of worship and it felt pretty inappropriate. Luckily, by the time I talked to them I was ok. I realized they weren't trying to be rude. They weren't trying to ruin a worship time. In fact, it probably didn't hurt us all that bad (I still wouldn't want them doing that). They just don't have much worship-leading experience, had an awkward pause, and tried to fill it with what they know. I hope that when I talked to them afterwards it didn't seem like I was still upset. I want them to learn from it.

After all was said and done, I found myself wondering, "Was I upset because they took students' focus off God or because it messed up my pre-conceived idea of the flow of the worship time and made us look goofy?"

Not 100% sure, but still learning...


“Gentle Correction”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    good wonder ... I'm wondering it too (about the pre-conceived notion of how it's "supposed" to be). I'm leaning more on the side of 'it didn't mess thing up terribly.' ya, it would have been better without, but there was so much energy in the room and maybe they needed to yell a few more times before focusing (?).

  2. Blogger Allison Says:

    Doug Fields wants me to remind you that "worship" is every aspect of the service, not just the music...so maybe that didn't interrupt the flow of worship, maybe it contributed to it?

  3. Blogger Eric Says:

    Who is doug fields?

  4. Blogger David Moss Says:

    One question I always try to ask myself in those situations is, "Is it just bothering me, or is it getting in the way of *blank* (worship, fellowship, learning, etc.)"

    Since I'm about 45 y.o. with 4 kids - I have to make sure I'm not reacting as a parent looking for control but responding as a guide for the youth. Hard to discern at times!