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College Week 2

We're two weeks into Thursday nights now. The first week we had 15 and this week we had 29 (including 4 leaders). 30 students was the goal I was hoping for this week, but 29's cool. On the fourth Thursday of each month it's going to be a hang-out, coffeehouse style feel. This week we basically just threw decks of cards on some round tables, put some music on the sound system, and had some food and stuff. People seemed to really like it. Chris Davis was going to play some acoustic stuff, but we ended up not doing that....it was going fine without it. Next week we launch a series called "What Matters Most". More to come...


“College Week 2”

  1. Blogger thirst college ministry Says:

    hey man

    my name is bobby contreras, im from El Paso, Texas. i linked to your site from Josh's blog site. i am a big simply fan so i check his site out regularly. anyway i wanted to encourage you on your work with college students. i am the assistant youth pastor at cielo vista church here in el paso, and about 4 months ago we kicked off our college group. its awesome to see how God has grown us from 12 to 50. keep on shinning through this ministry. love to hear about all that happens. need any ideas or have any ideas feel free to let me know. bobby@cielovistachurch.org. or check out my blog. kinda spooky we have the same template. thirst4more-thirst4more.blogspot.com. hope to hear from you soon

    bobby C

  2. Blogger thirst college ministry Says:

    hey man my name is bobby contreras and i am from el paso, texas. i check josh's site pretty much every day so thats how i was linked to your site. i just wanted to encourage you and your college ministry. about 4 months ago we started our college group here at my church. its awesome to see how God took us from 12 and an idea to 50 and crazyness. i am the assistant youth pastor here at cielo vista church. if you ever need any ideas or suggestions or if you have any ideas or suggegtions feel free to email me. bobby@cielovistachurch.org or feel free to check out my blog sopt. thirst4more-thirst4more.blogspot.com. hope to hear from you. later.

    bobby C