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CBU Involvement Fair

So today was CBU's involvement fair. They had the In-n-Out truck there serving food and a ton of different churches, banks, companies, military branches, etc. with displays. Here's how the day went.

I set my alarm for 7 hoping to be out the door between 8 and 8:30. At 9:06 Nicole got out of bed and I freaked out realizing I was running late. Got ready quick, took care of a bunch of stuff, and made it down to the church office. We were supposed to have a banner ready to go by 10am. I called the sign place at 11 or so and he said it would be ready at 2. That would be great if the event didn't end at 1:30. So he says he'll start printing it. I get over there at about 11:30 and he says something keeps crashing....ok, now it's working, but will be a bit....send somebody over at noon. I get a call a few minutes later as I'm almost at CBU that something still keeps crashing and we're not going to have it. So, we have no signage. That's ok.

Long story short, we set up and were good to go. It was BLAZING hot. Everyone was melting. But we had quite a few students come by and were able to get them some info. Also was able to re-connect with some of the students who had visited Sunday. Met a Saddleback guy named Kyle which was kinda cool to have that in common. All in all, worth the time and running around. Hopefully some students will check our church and college ministry out as a result of it.


“CBU Involvement Fair”