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Blogs I Dig

Ok, I'm starting a new occasional feature today. It's called "Blogs I Dig." Every so often, I'll give you a peek at a blog that I enjoy on a regular basis. Probably most of the time from my "blogs o' sweetness" list over there on the right, but we'll see what happens.

Today's Blog I Dig:

Kurt Johnston

Kurt is the jr. high pastor at Saddleback Church. He's my former boss and a cool friend. If you serve in jr. high ministry at any level, you should be reading Kurt's blog. He's the man when it comes to understanding ministry to that unique age group. A surprising thing I quickly picked up while serving with Kurt is that he may be even more of a leadership guru than a jr. high guru. Don't get me wrong, he bleeds jr. high ministry, but he also is one of the sharpest guys I know when it comes to know how to lead and develop people. When I have a leadership issue or major decision to make, Kurt is one of the guys I go to. Kurt's goal is to blog every day except Sunday so there's always fresh content there to pick up. Check his blog out and enjoy!

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“Blogs I Dig”

  1. Blogger Allison Says:

    i dig your blog...and i've been trying to comment and it won't let me...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I dig your blog too.... but you are missing the link to my blog on your right-hand column.... hmmm, maybe that's because you don't dig it. Well, if you get a moment, would love to have you check it out. http://www.uthpastor.com