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We're Back

Well, after a long day of driving yesterday, we're back in Riverside. Had a great week. I never was able to give the full version of what this trip was about so let me try to now.

It's a combo high school choir/mission trip. I'd say the emphasis is on the missions part though. Each morning we sent teams of students out to different sites. We had a sports camp, a kids club for preschoolers, a rescue mission team, a labor team, an evangelism team, and a team at a community-type center (I think).

I was on the sports camp team (which is pretty funny if you know me). We had very few soccer players so I got to play a lot of soccer and drills this week. It was pretty fun. We had 9 kids accept Christ there at the sports camp.

The other teams also had a great time. The labor team did a ton of work and created a church library, among other things. The evangelism team did different stuff every day from man on the street video interviews to giving out socks to other stuff I don't know about. The rescue mission team got up close working with the SF homeless population. Nicole was on the kids club team and had a great time working with preschoolers. We were able to connect several new familes with Western Hills Church through both that and the sports camp. The community center team was at a place we called Page Street (I assume it's on Page Street. I wasn't there, but I am somewhat smart and assume it was on Page Street). They painted and helped organize some of the area there (I think).

At night and at other times we would go out and the students would sing at different places. They performed at Union Square, the Shops at Tanforan, Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco Rescue Mission, Calvary Hill Community Church, Western Hills Church, Doane Baptist Church, and 19th Avenue Healthcare Center. Following the performances some of our students were able to engage several people in spiritual conversations.

We also were able to spend an afternoon serving all together with the Rescue Mission and another evening surveying a community (Brisbane) for a potential church start/re-start. It was a great week of ministry. Our students really stepped it up.


“We're Back”