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Sunday Recap

So today was the big day. I spoke in all three services this morning. Overall it went great! I felt fairly comfortable and felt like I got great feedback after each service. It was interesting to see how the response was different in each service. Couple interesting things happened though.

After the first service a guy came up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Thanks for the worst church welcome ever! Not a single person said hi to me!" And after a second of me being stunned and the lady next to me saying, "Well, welcome" (not helpful, by the way) I stammered out a "I'm sorry, sir" and he walked straight out of the worship center. Nice way to get in the right frame of mind for the next service. I had seen him against a wall in a lobby and, for whatever reason, didn't go up to him and say hi. Guess it made him angry. He must have been looking for something to be angry about though.

Second funny thing - I baptized two high school students during our 11:00 service and dipped my arm a little too low while bringing them under the water (I had waders and a cheesy robe thing on). When I got out of the water I discovered that my entire right side of my shirt was soaked. I found a hair dryer and tried to quickly dry out my shirt during the next two songs. Didn't help a ton. So I decided to tweak my opening and share about the experience. Definitely got people laughing with me (and at me) to start the message.

“Sunday Recap”