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Last night was pretty cool. We had our highest midweek attendance since I've been here which was pretty cool. Jon was originally going to speak, but wanted to go up to camp with his church from Fresno. So he arranged for a friend to speak who then cancelled. I tried calling several people to see if someone could fill in. I really didn't want to speak since I'm speaking on Sunday. But tons of people are gone or at camp or busy. So I ended up using a Revolution DVD from BlueFish. Turned out pretty cool. Some of our students filled in leading worship and did a pretty good job. They were super nervous because they hadn't practiced much. I had to pull them aside before we started to remind them it would be ok. They just needed to focus on worshipping God and not worry too much about the technical side of it. The technical side was fine, minus a few glitches and a slightly rough second set. But they did a good job. We've got a high school senior who will be doing a fantastic job after some coaching from Jon in the next few months. It'll be exciting to see what happens.