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The Latest

I apologize for not keeping as up to date with my blogging as I'd like to. I think summer's thrown me off, but hopefully with fall pretty much here I can get back into blogging at least once every weekday. Here's some of what's going on in my world:

  • School starts back today for our high school students in Riverside. I'm going to send a quick text message to all the students I have in my cell phone wishing them a good first day.
  • On that same note, school starting up seems to have multiplied the amount of traffic on the road. Alessandro (for any Riverside readers) was a parking lot from about Trautwein till almost Arlington. Took forever.
  • On that same note, it feels like every major street in Riverside is under construction. It will be good when it's done, but there's a lot of orange cones everywhere right now.
  • This afternoon I'm having dinner at BJ's with Stephen Perry who will be speaking at our fall retreat in a few weeks. We have 18 students currently signed up and will probably take about 40 after the deadline this Sunday.
  • College stuff - working on getting the website up, getting flyers for our welcome lunch out today, trying to find a workable room situation for our thursday night gathering

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“The Latest”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    Wow, another new look! Good grab with stephen!