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Text Messages

I received 19 text messages at one time from high school students today who were waiting for me so they could start a prayer walk. They all wanted to know where I was. Meanwhile, I was sitting on the toilet, text-messaging the real leader of the trip saying to meet me on another part of campus.

NOTE: I apologize to those of you who are offended at the thought of me sitting on a toilet. Chances are you probably sat on one today too.

“Text Messages”

  1. Blogger Gerry Rojas Says:

    Well at least no one will ever bug you to see if they can use your cell phone again.

  2. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    Talk about getting caught sitting down on the job...

  3. Blogger Epoch Church Says:

    yes...yes i did sit on the toilet today...

  4. Blogger Singing Sparrow Says:

    So reading magazines is no longer? Now they text. Next time I get a text from a male, I will be sure to NOT ask what they are doing!

  5. Blogger Lucas Says:

    Mike using toilet humor....what is this world coming to?