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Student Leadership Conference - Wednesday

Great day today again. Almost too much to mention. But I'll try to quickly do it. Matt McGill did a great job giving a quick 15-minute talk on discipleship followed by Kenny Luck talking about several core convictions (love God, love people, love God's Word) needed to be a leader. An event planner from Disneyland shared in the afternoon followed by Erik Rees talking about the purpose of ministry (more from him to follow). The night wrapped up with this guy Nick sharing some of his story of growing up with no limbs and a very powerful, but encouraging message with the students.

Not to mention the experiential learning stuff that had students running all over the campus and doing things like counting parking lot spaces, building a pile of sand, throwing frisbees, diving for pennies, and more. Whew.

Our students are still loving the conference and I'm having a great time. Tomorrow is two general sessions, workshops, and some free time. I'm teaching a workshop on how to study the Bible on your own. I'm feeling decent about it and hope it's helpful to students. We're also hoping to hit Laguna Beach in the afternoon.

“Student Leadership Conference - Wednesday”