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Student Leadership Conference - Friday

The conference finished off great. Dee Eastman shared on fellowship and Jim Burns talked about having a willingness to go wherever God had them go and to live their life according to the Jesus Creed. Then we had communion together in a pretty cool way. Josh started arranging bread on a table as different verses were read over the sound system. Josh's arranging was on the big screen and you started to see that it was a body....later on he covered it with a sheet and pressed down so the outline of Jesus' body was visible through the sheet. (Josh - post a pic of this if you have one or can find one). Then as we headed into the time of taking communion they took the bread from the body and placed it on the table with the juice....all while Allison is reading, "This is my body that was broken for you" over the microphone. Very cool.

All in all, the conference was great. I had very high expectations and it was even better than I hoped. Our students LOVED it. My biggest hope was that we'd be able to launch a student leadership team out of this week and I'm excited to say that this is going to be a reality. One of the things Erik Rees talked about was finding your sweet spot in ministry. We spent a lot of time with our students debriefing this session and our students are beginning to discover their uniqueness. It was cool to hear how different all of their passions and ministry skills are. I think we're going to be launching lots of cool new ministries in the Fall. Anyways, I'm stoked, it was a great week, Nicole's sleeping on the couch next to me, and I'm watching the World Cup of Softball again (currently my favorite thing to watch since I have an incredibly remote connection to a player). Time to relax for a day or so....nothing on the agenda tomorrow and I couldn't be happier.

“Student Leadership Conference - Friday”