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Made it to Mammoth (took about 6 hours including 3 stops). And I discovered that they have high-speed internet in our condo. The condo itself is pretty sweet - 2 main stories plus a loft. We're up here with Nicole's mom (Cheryl), brother (Eric), sister (Lauren), and Lauren's friend (Kayla). As we pulled into the parking lot the car thermometer said it was 76 degrees. It is now 68 degrees here and 93 in Riverside. That makes me happy. There's also a ton of clouds and some on and off thunderstorms. We're hearing some thunder occasionally in the distance, but haven't much more than some light rain here.

Here's some of the plans for the week: horseback riding, fishing, riding the gondolas to the top of Mammoth Mountain, and meeting my parents in Yosemite for a day. Good times. With internet access, I should be able to blog fairly frequently.