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Guys Day

Yesterday we did a guys day and a girls day. Nicole headed up the girls day and took the train to Hollywood. I took the guys and we headed out to LaserTag, Pirates, and the SpeedZone. Now, it was a great day. But I have to say this. I often start events well and end crappily. Like the time we went to Disneyland and had a great day, but then ended up getting my first ambulance ride with a student who sliced his knee open in the parking garage on the way out. Or the time the student set off the alarm 2 hours before they went home after an all-nighter (oh wait, that was last weekend). So here's the crappy ending of this one.

At SpeedZone, I drove the dragsters and then went over with a bunch of guys to a go-kart track. Raced it, had a good time (except my car was lame at times). Anyways, at one point I felt like my rental van key might fall out so I checked it. Nope, still there. Then, I get off the go-karts and check for my key again....not so much there this time. The key fell off someplace. They had their crew looking for it with flashlights but couldn't find it.

So, we sent one van home while I waited with 6 students and Jon the Wonder Intern. Still no key. I call Steve and ask him to come back and pick us up (mind you, we're probably about 40 miles away from the church). Now, I had also earlier locked my personal keys and church keys in the now-locked van. So I had to call a tow truck to come unlock my van (which I couldn't drive) and get my junk out. Steve comes back to take us home. We were scheduled to be back at 10pm, but me and these guys got back about 12:30am. Crazy times.

So of course, we then had to go today and get a replacement key, drive back to City of Industry and pick up the other van. Now I am sprawled out on my couch trying to recuperate from another crazy weekend another great event with a crazy ending.

“Guys Day”

  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    That's insane...truly.

    Now you just REALLY need to break this trend before LIFT!