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Freshman Frenzy

Just got back a couple hours ago from our transition event for incoming high school freshmen. And, yes, I did rip the name off from my former employer.

  • Ice Skating - a section of my foot is a strange purple color now
  • Cosmic Bowling - always fun and we added a sweet section of crazy bowling with stuff like throwing backwards, spinning around 3 times first, or having your eyes closed.
  • Meeting new students - I knew most of the students at least by name, but got to know some of them better over the course of the evening
  • This was an all-nighter, but I prided myself on it being an all-nighter where you actually slept. The plan was to crash around 2am at the church. Let it be known that you don't sleep at an all-nighter. I finally fell asleep around 3:30 after kicking some of the guys out of the room I was set up in. Then I woke up at a little before 5 and went and told those guys to finally turn the light off and get some sleep. I think they got a little.
  • Being awoken at 6:20am by a student saying "Um, you're not going to like this, but I set off the alarm in the C building." Let me say this - we have 4 buildings (A, B, C, D). The two we were in were B and D. At no point did we go into the C building or say you should think about going into the C building. But this guy managed to unlock the door by sticking his hand through a mail slot so he could use a bathroom (a fact I will be passing along to the proper authorities.) So I went and turned it off. And went back to bed. And then was awakened when the police arrived. Anyways, all is good now.
  • Some girls decided to TP the men's room and then flushed a clogged toilet that proceeded to flood the bathroom. So we plunged the toilet and taught three freshman girls how to use a mop.
I realize the lowlights are longer, but it was actually a sweet event. There's just lots of random details to include on those. Needless to say, Freshman Frenzy may not be an overnight event next year.

“Freshman Frenzy”

  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    God bless you Mike...you're a braver man than I. Get some rest bro!

  2. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    Dude... Nothing wrong with ripping off names. My mentor used to say that, in youth ministry, there's no such thing as plagerism. It's all research!