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The First Day

Ok, I'm wiped out, but I'm going to try a quick post. One day this week I'll take some more time to completely explain our trip, but for now let me share about last night. I set up a separate blog (mainly for parents) that you can check out here if you're interested.

So one of the guys on our trip, Brian, wasn't feeling too hot when we got here yesterday. He skipped the rehearsal time last night due to this and when one of our guys was checking up on him, discovered that he was feeling horrible. Had trouble breathing and was shaking like crazy. They called me and me, Adam, Adam's dad, and Brian headed off to the emergency room. Long story short, we were there for about 5 and half hours. Doctor thinks it was just a stomach flu and Brian may have gotten a little panicky and was hyperventilating.

S0, we'd switched out a couple people and had two leaders (Claudia and Jennifer), Adam, and Brian's twin brother (Robbie) with us. We got back to the hotel at about 3am. Of course not before Claudia made an illegal u-turn and happened to be spotted by the Millbrae PD. Hilarious end to a long day. No ticket though. Oh, did I mention that we had to be up at 6 something this morning? So, I slept through my alarm and got ready in like 15 minutes. It's been a long day. I've caught up on some sleep but still need a full night. You can read the other blog for more details on the trip as I put them up.


“The First Day”

  1. Blogger Josh Peters Says:

    thoroughly enjoy reading the updates. hope SF ends on a good note. till we run into each other on campus again...