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Volunteer Training

Had a good volunteer training meeting this afternoon. It's taken awhile for the team to completely click. We're starting to now, but still have a pretty large leader shortage, especially in high school. We could realistically use twice as many leaders as we have. We did some training on a new Bible Study curriculum we're starting in the next couple weeks. It's from Student Life and is pretty sweet because it's all delivered via the web.

Also spent some time talking through a new commitment sheet for leaders that will allow us to hold them more accountable. Also introduced a new coaching structure, care/contact plan, and plan for launching new groups. There's a lot going on.

Last year we really focused (in high school) on our midweek program which is really the front door to our ministry. This next year my goal is to close the back door through these Sunday AM small groups, while still improving the front door experience.

“Volunteer Training”

  1. Blogger Gerry Rojas Says:

    Mr. Lovato!

    Wow I just read through a bit of your blog and I'm totally stoked your ministry is doing well and getting better at the same time.

    Seriously sweet stuff.