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Staff Retreat (the fun stuff)

Spent the last two days up in Big Bear on staff retreat. We had a pretty good time. A few hours of meetings and a lot of time hanging out. One of our staff members is married to a VERY successful businessman so we were able to hang out at their "RV park" clubhouse last night. This place is like no RV park I've ever heard of. A spot by the water just sold for $425,000. That's right, just a spot to park an RV. Now keep in mind that most of these spots have sweet landscaping, patio furniture, and built-in BBQs. Last night we hung out at the clubhouse there which is AMAZING. Two stories, pool tables, game tables, big screen TV, full commercial kitchen....I could go on, but I won't. You can check the place out a little here.

We stayed at Northwoods Resort in the Village. I've driven past that place a bunch of times, but never been in. It was really cool hotel. Very mountain themed, but very comfortable and modern. Went to sleep last night with our room's fireplace roaring (ok, more like hissing gas, but it was still cool). We got a great rate there and I'd highly recommend the place.

Probably my favorite part though was when above-mentioned staff member's husband took us out on his boat on the lake. I could get very used to that. Nicole says I had a huge cheesy smile on my face the whole time. It was awesome.

“Staff Retreat (the fun stuff)”