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Mill Valley

I'm up in Mill Valley taking a seminary class from now until Saturday. So far so good. The campus here has an AMAZING view of San Francisco from the main academic building. I pretty much spend my class breaks staring out the window. Tonight I hung out with Alex and Larry and drove into SF to grab some food and hang out. Larry is with the IMB as well as working with Saddleback on the PEACE plan. He is completely full of CRAZY stories ranging from hitchhiking while in college in Paris to sleeping in cardboard boxes to heading up the Rwanda Open. No matter where our conversation it ends with Larry telling a 10 minute story that cracks me up and is awesome. I'm tired and that's all for now.

Last thought...Larry had been telling us some stories about being out on the mission field and how they'd need a certain part for a jeep. They'd stop and pray about it and then get on the road and they'd find the exact part lying in the middle of the road. He said eventually they just got used to this and operated from a mode of feeling like that was normal. His words, "Pray...and then do it."

“Mill Valley”

  1. Blogger Kurt Johnston Says:

    The jeep story is amazing! I often wonder how many miracles I miss because I don't expect them.