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Friday, Sweet Friday

Got to take today off for my Memorial Day (Monday's my normal day off so when there's a holiday I get an extra day during the week). Here's the highlights:

Went to guys' discipleship group at 6:45am (ok, so the time wasn't a highlight).

Came back and took an hour nap.

Slowly browsed blogs.

Read a sweet article my bro sent me on NYC development. I'm a nerd when it comes to that sort of stuff.

Got Nicole's car washed.

Rented a helium tank for our grad reception Sunday night.

Wandered through Borders.

Ate lunch with Nicole at Panera Bread.

Came home.

Turned on the A/C (it was like 99 degrees today!)

Went to Costco and Best Buy.

Went to Nicole's parents to hang out and eat.

Went home again.

Went and saw The Break-Up. Very funny.

Am now sitting at home blogging and listening to Coldplay. Life is good.

“Friday, Sweet Friday”

  1. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    The Break-Up was good? I'd like to go to the movies some time. Almost saw X-Men 3 last night, did you see that yet? I've heard mixed reviews.

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    I liked X-Men 3 a lot, but I can understand why there's mixed reviews. Definitely go see for yourself.