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Crazy Weekend

Another crazy weekend. Saturday night was our Senior Night Out for graduating seniors. We took a group of them on a Harbor Cruise in Newport Beach and then to dinner at Buca di Beppo. Lots of fun. This has been a class that pretty much disappeared during all the transition of the last couple years, but now some of them are back (just as they graduate).

Sunday consisted of senior recognition in all 3 services, freshman parent meeting after church, catching the end of a college ministry brainstorm after that, quick lunch with Jon and Nicole, picked up a helium tank, got ready for our senior reception that night, then we had our high school choir musical followed by the senior reception.

On those last two notes, let me say a couple things. I've never been a huge youth choir fan, but youth choir is huge at our church. I have to say though, that last night was my favorite thing I've ever seen them do. It was basically just a bunch of songs with Scripture readings in between. It was a cool night.

For our senior reception, our church has this cool tradition of having all the grads decorate tables with all their photos, awards, memorabilia, etc. from their whole lives. We serve cake and punch and people walk around checking out the seniors' stuff. It's a lot of fun.

Anyways, all that left me exhausted when I got home. Today has been a fairly lazy day of resting up for the rest of a busy month.

“Crazy Weekend”