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View of God

Have you ever noticed we all tend to view God differently? I've heard some people say that your view of your view of your earthly father is similar to your view of God. Maybe there's some truth there, but...

My default view of God tends to be this guy waiting for me to screw up. There, I said it. Now, I KNOW this is not the God of the Bible. But something inside me feels like God is just waiting to say "Dang it, Lovato, you blew it again!"

So as a result of when I settle into this view, I tend to run not to God or others when I have stuff I'm wrestling with. I run to myself. That's a dangerous place to run. I offer no comfort. I have no resources or tools for lasting life change. I condemn. I try to figure stuff out. But it only ends up driving me deeper into doubt and questioning.

I'm glad God's not my like my default view. Because I've discovered when I run to Him, He's waiting....not to condemn but to comfort. Yes, there's some correction that has to happen, but it's out of love, not out of a sadistic desire to see me fail.

I'm tired right now.
I need a Savior.
I can't make it on my own.
I go nuts when I try to figure everything out.

God is here.

“View of God”