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I've spent most of my day off writing a paper to finish off one of my seminary classes for the semester. The requirement is supposedly 20-25 pages. Although the prof was basically like "whatever you write is fine." That may be a good thing because I've written 11 pages and I think I'm out of words. In fact, that's why I'm blogging right now. I have nothing else to put in that stinking Word document (except maybe a conclusion). So I'm trying to get a hold of a friend in the class to find out how long his paper was. He turned in a month ago. He's smart. All that's left after this paper is a take-home final for Pastoral Counseling.

My two classes this semester were Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Ministry which were very similar in a lot of ways. For better or worse it's made me VERY self-analyzing and introspective this semester. I'm kind of tired of it and just want to go relax at the beach or something. But...I know I've grown through all of it and God's been doing some cool stuff in my heart and life lately. So I suppose it's worth it. But I am ready for a break. Four more courses after this week and I'm done with seminary. Only will have taken me five years.