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Our main "crowd" program of the week is our Wednesday night program which is creatively called "Midweek." (On a side note, if anyone has any sweet ideas for a new high school ministry name and identity, I would appreciate them). Jon, our high school intern and worship leader, is out of town for two weeks and apparently every other worship leader I usually go to is as well. I'm on my last lead and waiting back for an e-mail from him. The guy I'm waiting on is actually a stud and would be awesome to have tonight, but we'll see. And, as of right now, there is no Plan B. I think it's cool to sometimes really tweak our program and allow students to experience worship in different ways, but I feel like we've done that a few times now and don't want to do that tonight. I'll update later.

UPDATE: I guess as I was typing this blog, he e-mailed me. It's not 100%, but sounded positive. Should know more in a few.

UPDATE AGAIN: Whew, we're set for tonight. Brandon Muchow is going to lead for us tonight. Should be cool...he's the worship leader for Saddleback's new San Clemente campus. I was his little brother's small group leader in jr. high. I'm glad this is settled. I can breathe now.