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Lost Finale

Ok, my other favorite show is Lost. The finale was last night and I have to say it was somewhat unfulfilling. Last season left me with Walt kidnapped and totally like "what the heck?!?!" This was like 2 hours of mildly interesting info followed by an "ok" meeting. Nevertheless, here's what I learned:

- Henry Gale seems to be the guy in charge.....I guess the whole deal with him being kidnapped was one huge plot to get Jack, Sawyer, and Kate into the custody of the Others. Bit of a stretch that it would all work out perfectly, but ok, I'll take it.

- One of the big deals for this finale was that they would finally explain how the plane crashed. Ok, so they did. A giant magnet in the hatch brought it down. Ok, sure.

- The bigger issue is still how all these people's lives are interconnected. So it's obviously not just a totally random magnet thing.

- Libby gave Desmond the boat. The boat belonged to Libby's deceased husband, Dave. Dave was also the name of Hurley's invisible friend....interesting.

- The logs from the other monitoring station all just shoot into a giant field. Desmond thinks the experiment is actually on the people at that station, not the giant magnet hatch.

- Evidently Desmond's ex-girlfriend is on a hunt for giant magnets and has employed some chess-playing Russian dudes to find it. And they have.

Ok, that's all I got. I feel a little let-down. J.J. Abrams is going to have to work a little to draw me back in next season.

“Lost Finale”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    Words cannot express...
    I was left confused and slightly unsatisfied.
    Actually, those words did a petty good job.

  2. Blogger Caddiechaplain Says:

    I couldn't get into the lost thing. Maybe cause it was on when something else I watched was showing. That's how much I was "lost!"

  3. Blogger Unknown Says:

    Seriously? Guys, that was the best LOST ever!??? I'm a bit hurt by all of this. Dudes!


  4. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Josh - Phrases like "best LOST ever" should not be thrown around flippantly on my blog. Now, I wouldn't say worst LOST ever, but how about most "ok" Lost ever?