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Great Moment

Those of you in youth ministry know that there are times when you wonder why you do ministry. Sometimes students don't seem to respond and it's hard to know if you're making a difference. I had a cool moment this morning that got me pumped about ministry. We have these monthly things called Koinonias (I know it's a horrible name, it will be changing) where we hang at a student's house, eat junk food, spend some time in worship, and sometimes do a devotional. Jon usually leads worship when he's around, but he's out of town till tomorrow.

So today one of our students, Robbie, comes up to me and is just like "Hey, how's it going?" We talk for a sec and he's still standing there like he wants something. "Are we having worship tonight at the Koinonia?" I'm not sure since Jon's gone. "Can I lead? I've been practicing lots of worship songs lately." Um, yeah, of course. So we will have one of our students lead worship tonight. I'm stoked because...

I love it when students use their gifts.

I love it when students take initiative.

I love it when students are stoked to take initiative and use their gifts.

Robbie walked away like a little kid at Christmas. He was so excited that I'm going to let him do this tonight. I love it!

UPDATE: Robbie did an amazing job tonight. I had no idea this talent was lying unused in our midst. I wonder what else is sitting out there waiting to jump into action...

“Great Moment”