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I haven't blogged all week so I thought I'd do some random end-of-the-week thoughts.

I think I gagged on my own drool last night and threw up a little. It was nasty. When I told Nicole, "I have to check my pillow to see if I threw up on it" she replied "I'm confused."

6am is too early for a youth pastor to get up on Friday.

6am is going to be too early for a youth pastor to get up tomorrow also (but I must).

Week 2 of our high school series "Best Sex Ever" involved my first ever Barbie doll object lesson. It was funny. I felt a little weird.

I'm not typically a huge hard music fan, but I really like Blindside's CD "The Great Depression." I've listened to it at least once a day this week I think.

I like driving my new car.

I ran into Carlos Whittaker again this week at lunch. That's my third time randomly running into him since we moved back here. We must have similar food cravings.

Tomorrow is my last seminary class of the semester. Four more classes and I will be a master of divinity. That's the lamest degree title ever. It sounds so arrogant and like it should attract a large lightning bolt.

Last, but not least...if you're in youth ministry (or even if you're not) you should listen to Doug Fields' podcast. It's entertaining and sometimes enlightening.


  1. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    wrong, it is the coolest degree title ever. i'm only a master of political science. but i'm not really a master if i still have to get another degree. and it's not even science. LAME!

  2. Blogger Carlos Says:

    Thanks for the link love. Great seeing you. Lets hang. I linked to you from my blog