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Recap - Jr. High Fun

The weekend is over. It was fun (and very tiring) and here's the results.

Friday Night - Laser Tag
This was awesome, except my wife beat me in the first game pretty badly. Game 2 - I came in 3rd (I think it's because I changed my name to Curtis from 24). Nicole says she didn't do as well because she had a faulty gun. I believe her. She went back to crash with some of the girls and I went home and slept in my nice bed. It was awesome.

Saturday - Castle Park
Castle Park is basically a local amusement park with mini-golf, an arcade, and some half-decent rides. Jr. highers and below love it. Everyone else endures it. Had a good time screaming with Lucas on Dragon's Tower (read: mini-Supreme Scream). Went on my favorite local log ride. And I won at mini-golf. Oh, and Nicole and I scored like 250 tickets from skeeball and bought a little tootsie roll bank with it.

Saturday - High School Dodgeball Tournament
We ditched the jr. highers and headed off to a dodgeball tournament that The Grove was hosting. Turns out a ton of their students play every week after church. Some of our students were in for a rude awakening as they were pelted with dodgeballs. Picture the scene in Dodgeball where they play the Girl Scouts. Now you have it. And Nicole jammed her finger in the first game pretty bad and is still hurting from it.

Sunday - Afternoon
We watched TV and slept. And the Lord saw that it was good.

“Recap - Jr. High Fun”