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I'll try to post a few times in the next week or so about our Mexico trip. Here's some stuff to get started.

I was not looking forward to this trip. Someone asked me the week before if I was looking forward to Mexico. I replied that I was looking forward to coming home from Mexico. But away we went and it was quite possibly one of the best trips I've ever been on. We had 15 or so students and 10 adults. Every student was hard-core ready to build a house for this family. A couple times I thought they might be house-building robots from outer space. I'd take this group of students anywhere, anytime. We built a 22' by 22' house completely by hand.

Some of the most fun I had though was just cruising around in the van with a bunch of students. Here's a pic of my van.

This picture was taken about two days AFTER I nearly rolled our van off the side of a hill (with no students in it of course). Unfortunately, there's about 45 minutes of video footage out there showing me absolutely terrified in the driver's seat as much smarter people attempt to tell me just which way to turn my steering wheel so that I don't slide down the hill and die. And...even better, there was a mix-up with the rental company on the van info which meant that it was the only one of our five vehicles with only liability insurance on it (read: our church would have been out $25,000 if it had rolled).

But the trip got much better after my near-death experience. I loved it and I'll post more later.