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PDYM - Thursday

Had to go to my pastoral ministry class up in Brea that morning. I wasn't thrilled with that, but got to carpool with Jeff Boxell who's finishing up a Saddleback internship and that was the highlight of my morning.

Got to the conference at lunch-time. Sat in on a high school Q&A. Some decent questions, but mostly stuff I was familiar with from my time there. Went to a couple different "How We Do It" breakouts that afternoon. Really enjoyed on that Kurt and McGill did on Worship. It wasn't so much a program-type breakout, but more of just some cool thoughts on worship and some different ways those have fleshed out. I enjoyed it. Had to poke Jon with a pencil when he started to fall asleep.

Took Jon and Lucas to Fuddrucker's to debrief the conference. It was a really good time for them. In Jon's words "Now all that stuff you've been talking about the last 6 months makes sense." Good to know my communication skills got through :) There were a few things that jumped out at us as a team from the week:

Small Groups - This is our weakest area and we have to get it going. Right now everything in our ministry is medium to large and there is not a great place for students to build below-the-surface relationships. We're moving pretty aggressively on this for the Fall, but that's for a later post.

Programming - We've made some good strides in our midweek programs this year, but it's time to take them to the next level with better use of video and a dash more creativity.

Parents - Lucas is a stud at this. Seriously, he's so much better at me about keeping this on his radar and on the front burner. But we have to get better at it in high school too. Some ideas include a video-driven "Parents of Teens" small group and a "how to prepare your kid for college" type seminar.

There was a concert that night, but we ditched. Sean and Lucas headed over to Kurt's house to mingle with a bunch of jr. high pastors from all over the country. Jon and I went to the Spectrum. Spent some good times at Brookstone, way too much time for two dudes to look at shoes, and got some Coffee Bean. Then we headed back and watched The Office at the hotel. A good end to a good day.

“PDYM - Thursday”