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back in blogland

Ok, so you may have noticed it's been almost 3 years since I've blogged at this site. I discovered though that blogspot keeps your spot reserved for pretty much forever. So it's just sitting here waiting for me to blog. And I've felt lately like I need an outlet. I have a lovely MySpace that I blog on sometimes, but this one will be different. I'm not quite sure how, but it will be different. There will probably be more ministry-oriented topics on this blog. And some randomness at times. Or just my thoughts. Oh, and if someone much smarter than me (doesn't take much) would like to fill me in on how to do some basic stuff to make this look sweeter, that would be awesome.

So, for my first blog, let me give you the short-version of my life the last few years. Here it goes:

Went to college (California Baptist University)
Interned at a church (Magnolia Ave. Baptist)
Met a girl (Nicole)
Dated girl
Liked girl a lot
Proposed to girl
Married girl
Realized I'm an idiot much of the time
Became part-time jr. high pastor at previously mentioned church
Started seminary (Golden Gate)
Again realized I'm an idiot and needed to learn more
Interned at another church (Saddleback)
Grew a lot
Still went to seminary
Conducted massive nation-wide job search
Came back to Magnolia as pastor to students
Still going to seminary (hoping to one day finish)
Started blogging again

Ok, now we're all caught up on the story of my life. Currently, I'm having a great time figuring out how to lead a high school ministry and oversee a jr. high pastor (who, by the way, is awesome). After 6 months back here at Mag, I'm starting to feel like I'm the youth pastor. For the first few months, it kind of feels like guest-speaking someplace every week. But now I'm starting to see where we need to go and beginning to see how we'll get there. It's tough, but I LOVE figuring that kind of stuff out. Anyways, we'll see where my blogging takes me.

“back in blogland”